Sunday, December 5, 2010

Real Hot Chocolate

484 Broome St, Between Wooster Stand West Broadway


     I see "hot chocolate" on menu at cafe when the winter comes. I often order hotchocolate, but I've never been satisfied with cafe's hot chocolate. When they say hot chocolate they actually mean "hot cocoa." They mix cocoa powder with milk, so it tastes like cocoa I make at home. My definition of hot chocolate is that "hot chocolate has to have taste of exactly chocolate." Therefore, I didn't like to order hot chocolate and to be disappointed with its taste.
     However, when I came to New York, I found real "hot chocolate" at Mariebelle. There are many types of hot chocolate there, such as Aztec, Spicy and White chocolate. I was surprised that their hot chocolate had rich and thick taste. It tasted just like drinking chocolate.
     You can choose hot water or milk to mix with chocolate. I like to mix with hot water so that I can enjoy the taste of chocolate. You can also buy hot chocolate powder at their shops and on their website. I have a can of chocolate powder and sometimes make hot chocolate. However, I prefer to enjoy the atmosphere of their cacao bar.

     After I met Mariebelle's chocolate, I visited other cacao bar, such as L.A. Burdick and Max Brenner, and tasted their hot chocolate. I like Mariebelle the most but other cacao bars also have real "hot chocolate." So, I decided that I would have hot chocolate only in cacao bar. Milk should not be added. It is the best way for me to enjoy hot chocolate.

     The weather gets colder recently. However, I'm glad that I can enjoy hot chocolate.

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