Thursday, September 30, 2010

Love or Hatred


Pudding Chocolate

But I love chocolate.

So, this “Pudding Chocolate” troubles me.
I found this at Daido, Japanese Supermarket.
when I found this, I considered for a while whether I should buy or not.
usually, I buy any new flavor chocolate when I find.
but this is the worst flavor I ever seen.

How come they thought it would be good idea to make pudding flavor chocolate?
Does it taste of pudding? or chocolate?
Sometimes the Japanese develop very strange cultures.
Portable Washlets, Maid café, and making strange flavor chocolates.
(My blog title, soy sauce chocolate, actually exists in Japan)
I bought "pudding chocolate" finally,
expecting it has more chocolate taste than pudding.
But I’m too scared to open and taste it alone…
I’m going to share it with my friends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kee's Chocolate

I love chocolate.
Kee's Chocolate

I eat chocolate everyday
and I like to find new chocolate shops, chocolate flavors.
I look for new chocolate shops everytime I go to the City.

Kee's Chocolate is one of my favorite chocolate shops.

there are many mysterious flavors in Kee's
green tea,sesami,and chili sesami.
especially, I like their Sesami chocolate!

today, I tasted Chili Sasami too.
It's also good but spicier than I thought.
It might be too spicy if you don't like spicy.

I saw the guy at the shop.
He told me he liked Kee's chocolate and
was going to buy 100 pieces!

I was lucky to get chocolates before he came.
He probably bought almost all chocolate they had.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

From the Other Side of the World

My name is Reiko.

I was born in Japan and lived in Osaka, the second largest city in Japan, for 20years.

While I was studying Linguistics at Osaka City University,
I traveled many places: U.K., Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, China, and Inner Mongolia.
And when I graduated the university, I realized I had missed to visit the biggest country in the world.

“Ok, so, the next is the U.S.!”

Then, I came here.

Now, I study Arts Management at Purchase College, NY.
I’ve been in NY for 2 years
But, still, my American life is full of mystery, amazement, and fun!

I will write about my life in the U.S. on this blog.
I'm not a good writer
but I'll do my best.