Thursday, December 16, 2010

the last day of class

The last class of this semester was Viral Marketing class.
I handed my portfolio and I finished my all classes for this semester.

No more homework, no more exam!

I was so happy that I decided to give myself some reward.

I went to Westchester Mall after the class.
Then, I went to  Godiva Chocolatier on 2nd Floor.

These chocolates above are what I bought.
I bought 3 star-shaped chocolates; from left to right, Caramel Creme, Atzec Chocolate, and Apple Tart.
These 3 chocolates are covered by colorful dark chocolate. Inside of chocolate is the paste of each flavors.
My favorite one is Apple Tart. It tastes of Apple at first, then  you can find the taste of cake.
Caramel Creme doesn't taste of Caramel so much.
The chocolate above star chocolates is new product of Godiva.
Unfortunately, I forgot the name of this chocolate.
This chocolate looks beautiful, but I prefer basic Chocolate Ganache because this new chocolate is difficult to eat. In addition, there are a raisin and a nut on the chocolate. I don't like the raisin covered with chocolate and the nut is too chewy to bite.

Actually, I prefer Leonidas to Godiva in terms of taste of chocolate.
However, all Godiva chocolates look very pretty and they make me buy more chocolates than I expected.

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