Sunday, November 21, 2010


485 Madison Ave. New York, NY

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates in NYC

Leonidas Belgium chocolate reminds me of my trip to Belgium.
I went to Belgium 3 years ago and stayed in Brussels for 3 days.
There were many chocolate shops in Belgium. I was so excited that I visited as many shops as I could and had chocolates instead of lunch and dinner.  Belgium has many famous chocolate brands such as Godiva and Neuhaus but I became a big fan of Leonidas. There are not as expensive as Godiva but all chocolates taste delicious. Leonidas has a lot of variety of chocolate. My favorite is pineapple mousse covered with white chocolate. I ate it every day.
When I came back to Japan, I looked for Leonidas shops. I found one in Osaka. However, they don’t have that Pineapple mousse chocolate.
That’s why I was very happy when I found it in Chelsea Market! It was a small retail shop but they have my favorite Pineapple chocolate and other fresh crème chocolates.
I usually go to one in Chelsea Market but their main store is located on 52nd St., Madison Ave. They probably have more variety of chocolates in main store.

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  1. Belgium? Man you really are an expert on this stuff.