Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chocolate from Japan

Today, I got the parcel from my mother.
My mother lives in Japan and she sends me many Japanese foods.
I asked her to send my favorite chocolate.
Gateau Festa Harada, “Gouter de Roi”

gouter de roi


This is the Rusk, which is dry, baked bread covered with white chocolate. This white chocolate rusk is sold only during winter season and there are long lines for this famous rusk. I always ask her to buy it for me when winter comes. She sent me three packages of the white chocolate rusk for this time. However, I have to be careful. Once I open the package, I can’t stop eating.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Curry Chocolate

L'atelier Du Chocolat
59W 22nd Street, New York, NY

L'atelier du Chocolat

This store has curry flavor (the lower right in the picture above). You probably can’t imagine how it tastes like.
I like curry but I didn’t think curry and chocolate are good combination.
However, it didn’t taste like spicy curry. It tastes of chocolate basically. I tried other flavors such as pistachio, sea salt, and coffee flavor, but I like curry chocolate best.
When I went to L’atelier du Chocolat, the shop staff was a Korean woman. I talked to her and then found out she used to live in Osaka, my hometown, for 4 years. It was funny that she speaks Japanese with the Osaka accent.
This store has many interesting flavors besides curry chocolate, like wasabi, ginger, and saffron. I wonder how wasabi chocolate tastes like.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

L.A. Burdick

L.A. Burdick @ 5 East 20th street, NYC


I had chocolate cake named "L.A.Burdick" because it's the same as the name of the cafe.
The cake is relatively small
But it’s delicious.
The middle of layers is like Mille-feuille.
They sell chocolate bars and you can take out them too.

I found Halloween chocolates on L.A. Burdick website.
They look so cute
I want to try them before Halloween!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Taste of Autumn

The autumn has come.

Then, you should go to Delightfully Delicious at Madison Square Park Market.

Delightfully Delicious @ Madison Square Market

5th Ave. b/w 23rd and 24th St.
From September 25th to October 23rd 

I happened to find this shop when I was walking down the street.
It was a tiny shop but had many kinds of sweets such as chocolate brownies, hot chocolate, and apple tarts.
I bought an Autumn Mousse which the lady at the shop recommended.
It was the double layerd mousse with pumpkin and chocolate.
I don’t like pumpkin so I was dubious about its taste.
But at the moment I tasted Autumn Mousse, I admitted I was wrong.
It tastes of chocolate at first, but then you realize the taste of pumpkin.
It’s not too sweet and the texture is smooth.
I love it!
Unfortunately, the mousse crumbled too much to take a picture because I kept it till I went back home.
I should have had it soon after I had bought it…
Taste was still good though the shape was pretty bad.
Delightfully Delicious at Madison Sq Park will be closed on October 23rd.
So, hurry up and try the taste of autumn!
This shop is originally located on 200 Central Park South according to its website, but I’m not sure if they have same menu as shop at Madison Sq does.