Sunday, November 21, 2010


485 Madison Ave. New York, NY

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolates in NYC

Leonidas Belgium chocolate reminds me of my trip to Belgium.
I went to Belgium 3 years ago and stayed in Brussels for 3 days.
There were many chocolate shops in Belgium. I was so excited that I visited as many shops as I could and had chocolates instead of lunch and dinner.  Belgium has many famous chocolate brands such as Godiva and Neuhaus but I became a big fan of Leonidas. There are not as expensive as Godiva but all chocolates taste delicious. Leonidas has a lot of variety of chocolate. My favorite is pineapple mousse covered with white chocolate. I ate it every day.
When I came back to Japan, I looked for Leonidas shops. I found one in Osaka. However, they don’t have that Pineapple mousse chocolate.
That’s why I was very happy when I found it in Chelsea Market! It was a small retail shop but they have my favorite Pineapple chocolate and other fresh crème chocolates.
I usually go to one in Chelsea Market but their main store is located on 52nd St., Madison Ave. They probably have more variety of chocolates in main store.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Artopolis Espresso

I happened to find this café when I went to the city. It’s on Amsterdam Ave. and close to Columbia University. It looked very pretty from outside of café. It was almost closing time when I got in the café, but there were many customers in there. There were many cakes and tarts in the show window.

chocolate cake, artopolis

I found this chocolate cake in the show window. It looks like a balloonfish. I think it’s difficult to eat but this is so cute! Other cakes also all looked delicious.

I ordered another chocolate cake.
chocolate cake, artopolis

This cake was awesome!! It’s the best chocolate cake I ever had in the city. You can enjoy not only its visual design but also its taste. Coffee came with a piece of cookie. I like that service too.
It’s been a while since I went there but I can’t forget about the tastes of the chocolate cake. I want to go there again.
10901 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY 10025

Check out their website, and you’ll see more pictures of cakes and other desserts.