Monday, October 25, 2010

Curry Chocolate

L'atelier Du Chocolat
59W 22nd Street, New York, NY

L'atelier du Chocolat

This store has curry flavor (the lower right in the picture above). You probably can’t imagine how it tastes like.
I like curry but I didn’t think curry and chocolate are good combination.
However, it didn’t taste like spicy curry. It tastes of chocolate basically. I tried other flavors such as pistachio, sea salt, and coffee flavor, but I like curry chocolate best.
When I went to L’atelier du Chocolat, the shop staff was a Korean woman. I talked to her and then found out she used to live in Osaka, my hometown, for 4 years. It was funny that she speaks Japanese with the Osaka accent.
This store has many interesting flavors besides curry chocolate, like wasabi, ginger, and saffron. I wonder how wasabi chocolate tastes like.

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